10 Best Giveaways for Trade Shows 2023

Trade shows are a great way to bring awareness to your company and brand. They offer the opportunity for you to showcase your products or services in a way that is attention-grabbing and appealing to potential customers. 

While participating in a trade show event, you will want to bring the material that explains your business and some things that will attract people to your booth, tent or table, etc. That’s why getting some handy, fantastic giveaways is a great idea. 

Look at our list of the top 10 best trade show giveaway ideas.


Top 10 Trade Show Giveaways Ideas for Your Business

These top 10 best giveaways for trade shows are all perfect examples of how you can attract customers to your station with branded items that people will not only use but will also love!

Branded Tote Bag

Tote bag

Tote bags are an excellent gift because both men and women can use them, and they provide a large front space for marketing logos and such. This, too, makes them one of the best trade show giveaway ideas because now you have the opportunity to put your brand logo on something that is useful and will likely be seen by a lot of people. 

Tote bags are also great because you can use them as the bag to fill up your customers with useful resources about your business and business cards with contact information to make sure they know how to reach you. 

Beer or Soda Cozy

When listing the best trade show giveaways ideas, we must include the epic beer or soda cozy. Beer cozies have long been a staple for branded promo, but rightfully so! People love beer cozies because they’re useful, yet you wouldn’t want to go to the store and spend your money on one. 

A promotional beer cozy will easily sport your brand’s label and possibly contact info on it, so the next time your potential customer is enjoying a beer with friends, who knows, maybe it’ll spark a conversation about your business! 

Some fun ways to include a beer cozy in your giveaway is to stuff it with more free stuff, or put a can of actual soda in it for people to grab and sip while they make their way around the trade show. 


trade show giveaways ideas

Another product that comes to mind when discussing the best giveaways for trade shows is a mug. Mugs are great because they are easily customizable and can have your brand printed right on the front. Mugs are used often, and people are usually happy to receive something with functional use rather than a gimmick. 

A fun idea would be to put some candy with your business card and wrap it in a plastic bag with a ribbon, then slip that into the mug for an easy-to-grab promo gift that everyone will want to take. 


Another one of the best giveaways for trade shows is chapstick. Everybody can use chapstick, and spending money on it sometimes feels like a waste. That’s why chapstick makes a great promotional giveaway item that people will love to pick up and will likely use. 

You can easily find places to order chapsticks in bulk and then add your own label to it; on the label, you can have your logo, contact info, or even just a fun and catchy saying. Add chapstick to your goody bag, and be sure to include your business’s brochure with information and anything else informational you’d like your potential customer to have. 

If you want to make it fun, order a few different scents or flavors of chapstick so people can choose which one they like best.

Bottle Opener Keychain

aluminium bottle opener mockup perspective view

Another unique trade show gift to give out to your potential prospects is a bottle opener keychain. Of course, just a plain, old, boring keychain won’t do, as everyone gives those away, and to be honest, they’re kind of boring. 

However, a keychain bottle opener is a game changer. How often do you find yourself in need of a bottle opener to crack open your soda pop or beer at the end of a long day? It happens a lot more often than you’d think, so having this as a trade show giveaway will attract the attention of your customers, and hopefully, they’ll remember your brand’s name the next time they’re in need of a bottle opener! 

Branded Cap

People love free hats. So why not give away a branded cap sporting your brand’s logo at the next local trade show? Hats are fun because most people use them for both style and function, and they’re better than the boring pens and keychains that everyone else is giving away. 

You can make it a game and have the hat be the top prize, or just fill them up with goodies and treats and have people swoop in and help themselves to a fun and easy-to-remember promotional gift. 

Water Bottles

coffee mug

It may seem as though the tried and true giveaway of the water bottle is played out, when in fact, people just can’t get enough of them. Placing your label strategically on a water bottle is a great way for exposure, and it gives people something they can use that’s easy and convenient. 

Kids that play sports will likely enjoy this simple gift and a lot of times, parents get tired of buying new water bottles for each child every time they lose or break one. That’s why this is the perfect trade show giveaway, as it’s useful in many different ways and for people of all ages and walks of life. 

Stuff your branded water bottles with more free stuff and business cards, or fill them with lemonade for a fun way to promote your brand! 

Keychain Hand Sanitizer

In a post-Covid era, hand sanitizer is used more often than it ever has been before, which is why a keychain hand sanitizer is one of the best trade show giveaway ideas there is. You can place your brand name and phone number or email address right on the hand sanitizer tube and then add a keychain so that they can take their germ protection everywhere with them. 

It may seem simple, but having the hand sanitizer that can clip onto your bags, purses, or even kids’ backpacks is something people really value and would be happy to grab for free at a trade show. 

One fun idea that you could try is to hang the keychains on a spinning jewelry carousel or something similar and have people pluck them off as they walk by. You could make your labels with your logo on them catchy in different colors, too, so they have a selection to choose from. 

Cell Phone Power Banks


In the technological world, we live in today, some of the best gifts revolve around our cell phones and technology. That’s why a cell phone power bank is an excellent trade show gift to hand out at the next local trade show event you attend. 

Brand the cell phone power bank to boast your name and business info; that way, every time your potential customer is running low on battery, they’ll pull out your cell phone power bank and remember that you’re the saving grace right now. 

Since cell phones are losing power much quicker now with all of the recent updates and technological advances, people utilize the convenience of a power bank relatively often. They can take them to their kids’ soccer games, amusement parks, or even the gym if they lose power mid-workout. 

Drawstring Bag

trade show giveaways ideas

Finally, the classic drawstring bag is a must to wrap up our incredible list of the best trade show giveaway ideas. Like the tote bag, a drawstring bag is nice because it is easily branded with a logo on the front of the bag, and people tend to take them everywhere they go, making your brand exposure even bigger.

A drawstring bag is also great because it closes tightly, making them ideal for kids to hold their sports equipment or for adults to bring into the amusement parks or movie theaters when they want to sneak in some free snacks! 

A great way to incorporate a drawstring bag into your trade show giveaway platform is to fill them with your learning material to educate your customers on what your business does and how they can connect. You could also add some extra fun and freebies with some candy, gum, or pens.


While brainstorming the best trade show giveaway ideas, consider these top 10 best ideas. You want to grab their attention but also give them something that is useful and will increase your brand exposure. Bags, caps, keychains, and beer cozies are some of the best products to reach a large audience while providing value.

So, buckle up, start planning your trade show appearance today, and make your brand known with these top 10 best tradeshow giveaways of 2023!


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