20 Best New Employee Welcome Kits for Onboarding in 2023

Onboarding is crucial for organizations to ensure new employees feel welcomed and integrated into the company culture. One way to make this process easier and more memorable is by providing new hires with a welcome kit. These kits can include various items such as company swag, office supplies, and informational materials. 

Welcome kits make new employees feel valued and excited about their new job, whether an established corporation or a tech startup. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect welcome for your organization with the 20 best new employee welcome kits for onboarding. 

Why Should You Give New Employees a Welcome Kit?

New employees are excited to start their new job and want to do their best, and a welcome kit can establish your corporation with a strong culture by showcasing the company values. 

The following new hire welcome kits can alleviate some of the stress associated with the onboarding process, leading to higher job satisfaction and improving employee retention rates while boosting morale and productivity. 

1. Coffee

Welcome Kits

Offering a warm beverage like coffee can be a small gesture that goes a long way in making someone feel at ease. Additionally, coffee can help improve focus and alertness, which can be especially helpful during the first few days of a new job. Many people enjoy starting their day with a coffee to put energy into their morning. Add samples of local brands so new employees can learn about the area.

2. Snacks

Snacks can provide much-needed sustenance during long workdays and help new hires feel more comfortable and at home in their new work environment. Offering a variety of snacks like nuts, fruit, and granola bars can show that the company cares about its employees’ well-being and wants to provide them with the fuel they need to be productive.

Snacks can also be a fun and engaging way to introduce new hires to the company culture. For example, providing local snacks or snacks from different parts of the neighborhood can encourage new employees to explore and learn about their new surroundings.

3. Earbuds


Earbuds are a versatile and practical item to include in a welcome kit. These small audio devices can benefit new hires navigating their new work environment. They can help new employees block out distracting noises in the office, making it easier for them to focus on their tasks. This is especially helpful for employees who work in open-plan offices or those who need to concentrate on complex work.

Earbuds help remote workers to participate in virtual meetings or communicate with their team. They can also help remote workers separate their work and personal life, creating a clear boundary between their workday and leisure time. 

4. Gift Cards

Including gift cards provides flexibility and allows new employees to choose items or experiences they enjoy. A gift card can also recognize and appreciate a new employee’s efforts during onboarding, fostering a positive relationship between the employee and the company from the beginning of their tenure.

Gift cards can also serve as an incentive to encourage new hires to engage with the company’s culture and values. For example, providing a gift card to a local restaurant can encourage new employees to explore the surrounding area and connect with colleagues outside the office.

5. Backpacks or Carrying Cases

customized backpack

Adding a customized backpack or carrying case will be an appreciated gesture. They are useful items that new employees can use to carry their work-related items, such as their work laptop, tablet, and security badge, but it also serves as a symbol of the company’s commitment to its employees. A well-made bag will show your employee that you want to make things easier for them, and it will show the world that you care about the people who work for you.

6. Stress Balls and Fidget Toys

Everyone has them, but adding a stress ball or fidget toy to a welcome kit can help to reduce stress and improve focus during work hours. Fidget toys can help employees who experience anxiety and stress to maintain focus, calm their nerves and remain productive. Additionally, they can help employees to manage feelings of restlessness, which can often occur in desk-based roles.

7. Scented Candles

Scented candles

Scented candles create a warm and inviting atmosphere that can help new employees feel welcomed and comfortable in their new workplace. A candle’s soft glow and soothing scent of a candle help reduce stress and anxiety, making it easier for employees to adapt to their new environment.

Scented candles can also help to improve focus and concentration. Certain scents, such as lavender or peppermint, positively affect cognitive function, which can help employees stay alert and focused throughout the day. This can be especially beneficial for new employees who may be trying to learn and absorb a lot of new information quickly. Candles can also be a great way to promote wellness and self-care in the workplace. 

8. Memo Pads

Memo pads can provide a convenient and accessible way for new employees to take notes and jot down important information. They can help to foster a culture of organization and efficiency in the workplace. By encouraging employees to write down and track their tasks and responsibilities, memo pads can help ensure that everyone stays on the same page and important deadlines are met. 

Memo pads can also serve as a branding tool for the company. By including the company logo or other branding elements on the memo pads, new employees can feel a sense of pride and connection to the organization they are joining.

9. Company Swag

branded merch

Many jokes are made about it, but people do not mind getting free things with the company logo. By providing branded items such as t-shirts, water bottles, or tote bags, new employees can feel connected to the company and its values from the beginning.

Additionally, company swag can create a sense of unity and camaraderie among employees. Seeing their colleagues sporting company-branded items can create a sense of community and shared identity, helping new employees to feel like they are part of a team.

Company swag can also serve as a useful marketing tool. By providing branded items that employees can use and wear outside of work, the company can increase its visibility and potentially attract new customers or clients. 

10. Wireless Charging Station

Younger employees will be impressed by receiving tech goodies in their welcome kit, such as a wireless charging station. It provides a convenient and accessible way for employees to charge their devices without the hassle of tangled cords or finding an available outlet. 

Additionally, a wireless charging station can promote a workplace culture of productivity and efficiency. By providing employees with a tool to keep their devices charged and ready to go, they can focus more on their work and less on worrying about battery life or searching for an available charging port.

11. Fitness Items

Fitness items

Adding fitness items to a new employee onboarding welcome kit can encourage healthy habits and promote a culture of wellness in the workplace. Providing items like resistance bands, yoga mats, or jump ropes can inspire employees to take daily breaks to exercise and recharge. 

Research shows that even light exercise during the workday can increase productivity, improve physical and mental health, and create a positive work environment. Additionally, promoting wellness can show employees that their health and well-being are a priority for the company, leading to greater job satisfaction and loyalty.

12. Ink Pens

Providing pens is a practical and useful way to ensure employees have the tools they need to start on their work. Having a pen readily available can make note-taking and task management easier and more efficient. 

Including a branded pen can promote unity and pride among employees, and it can showcase the company’s logo and values. Overall, adding pens to a new employee onboarding welcome kit may seem like a small gesture, but it can go a long way in creating a positive first impression and facilitating productivity in the workplace.

13. Lanyards


Adding lanyards to a new employee onboarding welcome kit can serve a practical purpose by providing a convenient way for employees to display their ID cards and access badges. Lanyards ensure easy access to secure areas, and new hires can quickly and conveniently identify themselves as part of the organization. 

An ID badge and lanyard may seem like a small gesture, but it emphasizes the sense of community. It is likely an item your new employee may not consider buying, making it an appreciated part of a new employee welcome kit. 

14. Software Checklist

Many employees spend some part of their time working from home. If employees use a laptop, adding a software checklist can help ensure new hires can access the software and tools they need to perform their job duties. 

A software checklist should include software for communication, project management, and data analysis. Providing a clear and comprehensive list of all the necessary software and instructions on accessing and downloading it avoids confusion and delays in the onboarding process, allowing new employees to hit the ground running from day one. 

15. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer

Adding hand sanitizer to a new employee onboarding welcome kit can promote a culture of health and safety in the workplace. Providing hand sanitizer can encourage employees to prioritize hygiene and reduce the spread of germs, especially during flu season or in times of illness outbreaks. It can also be a convenient option for employees who may not have access to soap and water. 

16. Car Maintenance Coupons

Some positions require routine car use during the workday or a commute, which means the new hire will need routine maintenance service. 

By providing discounts for car maintenance services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake checks, the company can help employees save time and money on essential vehicle maintenance. It can help employees prioritize their personal lives and maintain a healthy work-life balance, increasing job satisfaction and productivity. 

17. Toothbrush

Tooth bursh

Providing a toothbrush can be a small gesture that can help employees to maintain good dental health while at work, leading to improved overall health and reduced healthcare costs. It can also allow you to share with new town residents where the best dentist is located. 

Additionally, including a toothbrush in the welcome kit can show employees that the company cares about their well-being and is committed to supporting their health and wellness needs.

18. Webcam

If the new employee requires online meetings or remote work, adding a webcam can help new hires easily connect with their colleagues and managers. A webcam can facilitate face-to-face communication and collaboration, which can help them build relationships and establish a sense of community within the organization.

19. A Plant

small succulent plants pastel pots

A plant can promote employee well-being. Studies have shown that plants can help to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase productivity in the workplace. Additionally, plants can improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants, which can help to create a healthier and more pleasant work environment.

A good plant choice for the office is a succulent or cactus; they’re small and require little attention while brightening the desk space. 

20. Company Information

The most important thing you can give your new hires in a welcome kit is the information they need about the company. Your welcome kit should include your handbook, insurance information, contact list, and parking map. Consider putting all the information in the cloud and providing them with a link to access it to help decrease how much paper they have to keep up with.


A well-crafted employee welcome kit can go a long way in setting the tone for a positive and successful onboarding experience. From practical items like pens, memo pads, and wireless charging stations to wellness items like hand sanitizer and fitness gear, many options can support new employees’ physical and mental well-being. 

These thoughtful items can help a company show its commitment to supporting employees from day one and set the stage for a successful and rewarding work experience.

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