Company Swag Ideas for 2023

As the new year approaches, you need to start setting goals for your business. If you’re looking to build stronger relationships with your customers, clients, and team members, company swag stores can be a great way to do that. 

People love freebies, especially when they’re helpful, so keeping track of branded merchandise ideas can help you choose items that will be genuinely appreciated. Giving out unique company swag is a great way to show your customers and employees that you value their relationship with your business.

How Effective are Company Swags?

While some might see company swags as nothing more than freebies, the truth is that they can be quite effective in promoting a business. Many companies have found that giving away branded items like t-shirts, hats, and pens can significantly raise brand awareness and generate new leads. 

Of course, not all swag is created equal. For example, valuable and attractive items are more likely to be kept and used, while cheap or poorly made items will likely end up in the trash. 

As such, it’s essential to carefully consider what kind of swag will best represent your company. With a bit of thought and effort, company brand swags can be a powerful marketing tool.

Boost the Workplace Morale

In today’s competitive job market, employer branding is more important than ever. Potential employees are not only looking for a well-paying job but also for a company culture that fits their values and lifestyle. 

One way to promote a positive employer brand is through company swag. Cool company swag ideas is any promotional item with a company’s name or logo on it, and it can be given away at events or used as employee incentives. 

By giving away brand swag, companies can make a lasting impression on potential employees and show that they are invested in promoting their brand. Swag can help to build team spirit and pride among employees. Employees who feel good about their employer will stay with the company and recommend it to others.

Versatile Marketing Options

Swag is a powerful marketing tool because you can use it in many different ways. For example, you can give it away at trade shows and events to promote your brand and get people excited about your products or services. 

You can also send it to influencers and bloggers to generate buzz around your company. Swag can even be used as a thank-you gift for customers and clients. No matter how you use it, swag is an effective way to spread the word about your business and build relationships with your target audience. Plus, it’s a lot of fun to give and receive! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Build Customer Loyalty

Swags can be more effective than giving away promo swag to build customer loyalty. These freebies help to create a sense of goodwill and affiliation with your company. They can also serve as a valuable marketing tool, spreading awareness of your brand to a broader audience. 

But to maximize the impact of your promotional campaign, you should choose valuable and stylish items. Customized water bottles, for example, make great gifts that employees and customers will use daily. 

Similarly, T-shirts and other clothing items can subtly help people show their support for your brand. By giving away high-quality brand swag, you can help to improve customer loyalty and grow your business.

Memorable Marketing

Promotional products are a great way to get your brand noticed. They are tangible and tactile, which makes them memorable. People can see, touch, and feel them, which makes them more likely to remember your brand. Swag from a promotional products company is also great for showing appreciation for your customers or employees. 

They can be used as thank-you gifts, door prizes, or rewards for referring new customers. Promotional products are an excellent way to market your business and make a lasting impression on your customers or employees. Customers will remember them long after the initial contact, thanks to their tangibility and tactility.

Top Company Swags for 2023

So many things are trending in 2023. But what are the best company swags to incorporate into your marketing strategy as the new year approaches? Here are a few branded merchandise ideas to try out.

Customizable Water Bottles

Customizable water bottles are an excellent way to promote your business. Not only are they practical and valuable, but they also provide a great way to get your brand out there. Water bottles are something that people use every day, so giving out custom water bottles is a great way to ensure that potential customers see your brand regularly. 

Plus, when you give out branded water bottles with your company logo or slogan, you effectively get free advertising every time someone uses the bottle. So customizable water bottles are great options if you’re looking for a creative and affordable way to promote your business.

Hats and T-shirts

There are plenty of reasons why giving out hats and t-shirts with your company logo can be a great way to boost your business growth. For one, it’s a great way to get your brand out there and in front of potential customers. 

If people see your logo on a hat or T-shirt worn by someone they know, they’re more likely to remember your company and what you do. Additionally, people are likely to do business with companies they feel good about. So what better way to make people feel good about your company than by giving them free stuff? 

Hats and T-shirts also make great items to give away at trade shows or other events, which means more visibility for your brand.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are necessary for any business and provide an excellent opportunity to promote your brand. By giving out pens, notepads, and other office supplies with your company logo, you can ensure that your brand is front and center whenever your customers reach for a pen or jot down a note. 

And because office supplies are used daily, your brand will enjoy a high level of exposure over time. Best of all, promotional office supplies are inexpensive, making them an affordable way to market your business. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to promote your brand, consider giving out branded office supplies.

Branded USB Drives

As the world continues to digitize, more businesses rely on USB drive storage for their data. As a result, USB drives have become one of the most popular promo swag in recent years. If you’re looking for a unique way to promote your business, consider giving out branded USB drives as part of your 2023 company swag

Not only will this help to get your brand name out there, but it will also show that you’re keeping up with the latest trends. Plus, clients and customers will appreciate the convenience of having a handy USB drive on hand for storing their data.

Filing Cabinets and Magnet for Refrigerators

As any business owner knows, promotional materials are essential for driving customer engagement and generating sales. However, choosing the right products for your campaigns can be difficult with many available options. 

For 2023, consider investing in custom filing cabinets and magnets for refrigerators. Filing cabinets are a practical item that will be used daily, ensuring that your brand stays top-of-mind with customers. Magnets are also popular, as you can use them to display important information or add a personal touch to customers’ homes.

Car Stickers and Window Decals

As companies continue to look for unique and engaging ways to promote their brand, car stickers and window decals have emerged as popular options. Not only are they inexpensive to get your company’s name and logo out there, but they’re also a great way to show off company pride. 

Car stickers and window decals can also be produced quickly and easily, making them an excellent option for last-minute marketing campaigns. Best of all, they’re a highly visible form of advertising sure to get noticed.

Workplace Essentials

With so many people working remotely, ensuring employees have the essentials they need to stay productive at home is more important than ever. Giving out workplace essentials as company swag is a great idea for 2023. 

Some items include journals, planners, pens, pencils, paper clips, and sticky notes. Not only will your employees appreciate the thoughtfulness, but they’ll also be able to use the items daily to help them stay organized and on task. Promoting your brand and showing your employees that you care about their success is also great.

Branded Mugs

Finding ways to promote your company can be a challenge. So naturally, you want to find a way to stand out from the competition and attract potential customers, but you also need to stay within your budget. One promotional tool that can be both effective and affordable is branded mugs. 

Giving away coffee mugs or other items with your company logo can increase brand awareness and show potential customers that you are invested in their satisfaction. In addition, branded mugs are an item that people will use, which means they are more likely to remember your company when they need your products or services.


As 2023 approaches, it is never too early to plan your promotion campaign. From practical items like water bottles and umbrellas to fun options like sunglasses and fidget spinners, there are endless branded merchandise ideas for your 2023 marketing strategy.

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